Without Housing: Decades of Federal Housing Cutbacks, Massive Homelessness, & Policy Failures

WRAP Without Housing

We’re at a critical juncture for housing policy in this country: millions of Americans are homeless and tens of millions more are on the brink of economic collapse. The 2010 Update focuses public attention back on the #1 reason for this housing mess: the Federal Government’s divestment in affordable housing programs and deregulation of the housing market. Most importantly, it helps people understand these complex issues and provides a framework for turning this situation around. This report is an update of Without Housing: Decades of Federal Housing Cutbacks, Massive Homelessness and Policy Failures. While much has changed since 2006, the fundamental message remains the same: ending mass homelessness in the United States will require a serious recommitment by the federal government to create, subsidize and maintain truly affordable housing. The massive reality of homelessness in the United States is nothing short of a national tragedy, a profound failure of our collective spirit and conscience to recognize the fundamental interconnection and humanity of all.

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