Alameda CTC Introduction to Briefing Book and Transportation Needs


Alameda CTC Introduction to Briefing Book and Transportation NeedsThe 2012 Countywide Transportation Plan (CWTP) and potential Transportation Expenditure Plan (TEP) are being developed at a time of substantial change in transportation policy at the federal, state and regional levels, as well as a time of great economic uncertainty. The challenges presented by new and untested regulatory frameworks including the implementation of SB 375 and AB 32, which are designed to promote sustainability and reduce carbon emissions from transportation sources; the impacts of a multimodal regional transportation plan building on MTC’s goals of “economy, environment and equity;” and a funding framework that has yet to be resolved at the federal and state levels, creates a climate that is both challenging and opportune
for reimagining mobility for the coming decades. While the environment is uncertain, it is clear that we are in the midst of a lasting and profound period of change and that continuing our investments on a “straight line” into the future is neither viable nor sustainable. This draft Briefing Book provides an initial framework for moving forward with development of the 2012 Alameda Countywide Transportation Plan and Transportation Expenditure Plan. It serves as an overview of existing transportation conditions in Alameda County and a brief look into the future to see what the coming decades hold for Alameda County.

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